Tips and conditions of Facebook:


In addition to these Conditions of the relationship between the providers, users and Facebook by the terms and conditions will https://www.facebook.com/legal/terms and the Privacy rules of Facebook provides: https://www.facebook.com/about/privacy. Users can against Facebook assert any claims arising in connection with the use of the Service. Participants acknowledge that the service is in no way sponsored by Facebook, supported or organized or no connection is to Facebook. All information and data, which are reported as part of the service by the user or collected by these are only the seller and not Facebook provided.


Validity of Terms and Definitions:

Subject of the contract is the use of this service and offered as part of the service, sites, functions and benefits regardless of the used domains, systems, platforms (eg web or Facebook) and devices (eg, desktop or mobile) on which the service is running. Provider can be found at the end of these general terms and conditions (the "Conditions"). Individual agreements as well as functions and configuration of the service and any price information resulting from descriptions within the service, shall prevail over these Conditions. As used hereinafter "Content" are all created and user-generated content and information, such as photographs, graphics, logos, videos, texts, reviews, and Werbeinhalte- show, information about places and people, as well as links to understand. The term "publishing" means embedding, embedding and other forms of implementation of content that for these purposes the users (hereinafter "Publisher") provided by the agent are (hereinafter "publishing objects") within web pages, blogs, apps , etc. (hereinafter "publishing surfaces"). The accounting policies for content requirements of these Terms and Conditions are also applicable to publishing properties. With the use of the service, users agree to these Terms and Conditions. Deviating conditions of the user shall not be recognized unless the provider agrees to their validity in writing. Minors may use this service only with the consent of guardians (usually the parents). The use of the Service is minors who are younger than 14 years old is prohibited. In addition to these Conditions of our Privacy Policy apply: http://www.socialsweethearts.de/privacy.html.


Care of address and contact information:

The user shall ensure that all data provided by them to the person is truthful and that all data transmitted and contents allowed and free of rights of third parties are legally. Users may not impersonate any other person or entity, or otherwise mislead about their identity. The address and contact information of users are kept up to date. Disadvantages caused to users due to incorrect information, go at their own expense. Disadvantages arising from the salesman basis of false information, shall be borne by the user if the misstatements are their responsibility. The users responsibility to be exercised in the use of their access utmost care and to take any measure which guarantees confidential, safe use of the data and prevent their disclosure to third parties. The users are responsible for the abuse of login information, if you can not explain and demonstrate that this was not based on its fault. Users are obligated, the provider must be informed immediately if there is reason to suspect that someone else knows access has and / or abused a user account. In the case of incomplete registration of the provider is entitled to delete the user account within one week.


Responsibility for content and information:

The provider is not responsible for the set and sent from user-generated content and does not adopt these contents. The provider is also not responsible for the linked content it has and does this also not our own. The provider indicates that for the content provided within the service available no claim to accuracy, completeness, legality and freedom is charged by third party rights. Content such as horoscopes, quizzes, tests are to be understood solely as non-binding Fun content and are provided for entertainment purposes. Therefore, there is no guarantee for the accuracy and / or correctness and / or completeness and / or usability of these contents and / or information and / or advice and / or results. The contents such as particular IQ and knowledge tests as well as all other tests and quizzes and horoscopes are nonscientific Fun content and can never replace a medical diagnosis, scientific testing methods or professional advice. They are as non-binding information, recommendations and understand statements. In particular, do not guarantee that the content of the service in any country where they can be retrieved usable. This limitation is due to the global idea of the Internet. For user opinions, commentaries and assessments not the vendor, but the respective user is responsible. Users and other rights holders can complain content to the provider stating the contents and criticized criteria and apply for their correction or deletion. The supplier may the complaint to the respective content-responsible users forward and request within a reasonable time to comment. The publication of a reported for inappropriate content can be reversed to appraisal.